Welcome to this site. I hope that you enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoyed making it. The site is constantly under development so please bookmark it and come back often. I travel to the Eastern Goldfields about four or five times a year and my friend Peta and I very much enjoy exploring the woodlines and photographing what remains. We travel in my 1975 Toyota Landruiser and, depending on the weather, camp out in swags or tow a camper trailer. We also use a quad bike to get into the places where the Cruiser can't go.

    While much of the southern end of the Lakewood woodlines area is on Unallotted Crown Land (UCL), a lot of the areas further north are on pastoral leases and some of them are on mining leases. One of the stations on which much of the Lakewood woodline, from about the 52 mile to the 78 mile and including a portion of the Luigi Cappa tour, lies is Madoonia Downs. The owner of the station, Ned Shields is a mate of mine. He does not mind people travelling on his station to have a look around but he does like to know who is out there. If you want to travel on his land, you should ring him on 08 9020 8025. And remember to always leave station gates as you find them.

    Getting access to the mining leases is much harder. The one mining company that I did contact flatly refused to even consider letting me on their lease. Hopefully not all mining companies will be like that although I do understand why they don't want strange people driving around their territory.

    Much of the country around the Cave Hill - Burra Rock area is Dept of Environment and Conservation (DEC) reserve as is a lot of the area north of the Great Eastern Highway near the Jaurdi Hills. If you wish to travel to Wallaroo Rock from the Jaurdi Hills Road, you will need to contact Brookfield Rail to obtain permission to travel on the access road for the main east west railway line.

    No matter what the status of the country or who owns or manages it, if you should go out there, pleases treat our bush with the respect it deserves.


    You might be interested in how I navigate my way around the bush when exploring the woodlines. I have a Toshiba A80 laptop computer mounted in the front of my Landcruiser. It runs Oziexplorer moving map software with Natmap 1:250000 raster topographical maps with GPS input via a magnetic GPS mouse on the bonnet. I often pre-plan my trips by carefully examining Google Earth for any signs left behind by the woodlines. Once you become used to it, spotting traces of the old lines on Google Earth is quite easy and it save much time when you are on the ground in the area. Once I find what I am looking for in Google Earth, I plot waypoints and then transfer them to Oziexplorer.

    I also have a Magellan 315 GPS mounted in the vehicle and another is fitted to the quad bike. I use a Magellan Triton 2000 GPS for when I am on foot.

    I have also recently become a fan of the Hema Navigator 5 which run the excellent Oziexplorer CE. It's not quite as user friendly as the full strength version of Oziexplorer but it is very good. I particularly like it's odometers which I have found to be very accurate.

    Most importantly though, I also carry paper topographical maps, a compass, ruler and pencils. These things don't rely on batteries. You should always carry some sort of backup navigation equipment like this when exploring this type of country and you should know how to use them. There are a couple of good sites on the internet on navigation using paper maps and compass, etc. Just try Googling "Land Navigation".


    If you wish to contact me, my email address is rdiery at You will have to change the 'at' to the thing above the '2' on your keyboard.    


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