The start of a set of points for a crossing loop at a camp on the Lakewood line.

Well overgrown line south west of Cave Hill on the Kurrawang line. The line here was pulled up in the late 1930s.

The vehicle track from Johnston Lakes to Cave Hill using a causeway on the old Kurrawang woodline.

Cutting on the Kurrawang line south west of Cave Hill.

This is undulating country. This causeway is joined to the cutting above.

This cutting is 90 miles south of Lakewood but it is not connected to the last of the main lines. I suspect it probably dates to the 1916 to 1924 period when the Lakeside Firewood Company operated in this area

On a spur line about 8 miles east of the 96 mile Main Camp on the Lakewood line is this set of points. This branches off to cutting areas that I have not yet explored as at late 2009.

Made by West Australian Railways.

Not strictly part of the Woodlines, this is the start of the siding at Yilmia which is on the old WAGR narrow gauge line from Coolgardie to Esperance line. This section of the line from Coolgardie to Widgemooltha was built by the WA Goldfields Firewood Supply Company in 1908. The WAGFSC cut firewood in the area surrounding this line as they built it and transported it back to Kurrawang before handing over the completed line to the WAGR. The line was pulled up about 1974. Yilmia is about 30 kilometres south of Coolgardie,


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