These photographs are of some of the various remaining pieces of railway infrastructure that still exists on the Woodlines of the Eastern Goldfields.

Thirty miles south of Lakewood, a crossing sign remains on guard,

This bridge is about 70 miles south of Lakewood where the line crossed the aptly named Salt Creek at the northern end of Lake Cowan.

Another view of the Salt Creek bridge.

20 foot lengths of 45 lb rail that the scrapman left behind on the Lakewood line.

On the Lakewood line, termites and time have eaten away the sleepers leaving the dog spikes in place in the sand.

A causeway stretches away across a dry lake many miles south of Lakewood. Note the telephone pole still erect to the right.

76 miles south of Lakewood, these are the remains of a steam locomotive overhead water tank stand.

A large gate valve and piping from the overhead tank.



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