Dams, drays, hooks, batteries, tree stumps, whatever........these images are of all sorts of bit and pieces found in and around the Woodlines.

About 80 miles south of Lakewood, these stumps are from trees cut about 1950. The regrowth throughout the old firewood cutting areas is truly magnificent.

This is what is left of a log landing about 40 miles south of Lakewood.

The railway line was to the left of the landing. A steam powered donkey winch loaded saw logs from the landing to the right.

About 105 miles from Lakewood. I'm not sure what it is but I would guess at the remains of some kind of timber jinker. An axle lies nearby.

Remains of horse yards and loading ramp between Burra Rock and Cave Hill on the Kurrawang line. A mallee fowl has built his mound in the middle of the timbers.

Remains of horse yards and loading ramp between Burra Rock and Cave Hill on the Kurrawang line.

When we returned to this site in January 2010, we found that the huge bushfires that went through here in 2007 had totally destroyed the horse yards and ramp. I hope the mallee fowl survived.

After many years of good service, a broken coupler hook and pin are abandoned in the bush.

A safety chain hook and link suffer the same fate.

This is a pile of  2 foot six inch engine wood for the steam locos beside an old spur line.

These are burnt batteries once used to power the LFC's telephones. Finding these batteries is usually a good sign that there was a crossing loop or a spur line connection close by since train control on the woodline was all done by telephone clearances from a controller at Lakewood.



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