At least a dozen steam locomotives and two diesel hydraulic locomotives were used on the Woodlines around Kalgoorlie. Only the two diesels survive today although there are a number of  steam locomotive parts to be found at both Kurrawang and Lakewood.

This is a steam locomotive ashpan located near the old locomotive service area at Kurrawang. An ashpan is located under the fire box on a steam loco and, as the name suggests, catches the ash that drops down from the fire above.

At Lakewood is what I believe is a steam dome cover from a G class steam locomotive.

This is the upside down cab roof from a "G" class steam locomotive at Lakewood. At least four "G" class locomotives were scrapped at Lakewood in 1965 after the LFC had been liquidated.

This is one of only two surviving woodline locomotives. NC1 of the former Commonwealth Railways was originally LFC1 of the Lakewood Firewood Company. NC1 is now at Steamtown Peterborough in South Australia. Thanks to Chris Drymalik for allowing me to use this pic. Go here for Chris' Commonwealth railways page.

Another pic of NC1 / LFC1. Note that NC1 has had it's buffers removed and it's hook type couplers have been replaced with automatic couplers. At some time in it's Commonwealth railways service, it had it's original vacuum brakes replaced with air brakes. Thanks to Chris Drymalik for allowing me to use this pic. Go here for Chris' Commonwealth railways page.

The Lakewood Fire Company's locomotives were the Model DH110 built by Clyde Engineering at their Granville NSW plant.

This is the former LFC2 which is in a park in Port Lincoln, SA. Pic by Nic Doncaster and used with his permission. Thanks Nic!

Inside the cab of LFC2. LFC2 became NC2 of the Commonwealth Railways.  NC2 appears to have been heavily vandalized over the years. I am not sure if any of it's drive train still is in place. I think it would be better to see it returned to the Goldfields and restored as LFC2 again. It would be a great loco for the Boulder Loopline. Pic by Nic Doncaster and used with his permission. Thanks Nic!

I am not sure where I found this pic but it shows a rather faded and dilapidated NC2, the former LFC2, out of service somewhere, probably Port Augusta, I would think. If you know who took the pic, please let me know and I will credit it or remove it if necessary.. The Commonwealth Railways didn't paint this loco in maroon but left it in the LFC's green and yellow colours, only changing the number. Someone has pinched the Clyde Engineering badge from the front of the engine cover.

In April 2010 I photographed this South Australian Railways Y Class locomotive in the National Railway Museum in Port Adelaide. The Y Class is the same as the Western Australian G Class, in fact, many WA locomotives previously saw service with the SAR. The only major difference between a Woodline loco and Y97 here is that Y97 is coal burning and not wood burning. Converting a coal burning locomotive to wood mainly involved changing the fire brick arrangement in the fire box.

The former LFC1 in the roundhouse at Steamtown Peterborough SA. April 2010

Control stand in NC1. The Commonwwealth Railways modified this locomotive quite a bit including the fitting of air brakes and removing the right side controls. Note the differences to the pic of NC2's cab above. April 2010.

'B' end of NC1. That is the filler and sight gauge for the hydraulic oil tank on the top of the cowl. April 2010.

This is the 'A' end of NC2 in it's park in Port Lincoln. April 2010.

'B' end. April 2010.

Left side of NC2. This side is painted in a kind of aboriginal theme. All the engine cowlings, cab doors and windows have been plated over. April 2010.

Right side has a definite marine flavour. This theme is certainly out of character with the WA Eastern Goldfields where it began it's working life. April 2010.

NC2 rust

Time and neglect are taking their toll on LFC2. Sad isnt it? April 2010.


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