In 1938, the WAGFS shifted it's headquarters to Lakewood about six kilometres south east of Boulder, GPS position 30° 48.425 S, 121° 32.314 E on the Mount Monger South Road.  The new site was adjacent to the old Boulder Firewood Company site at Lakeside which had closed in 1924. The name Lakewood was chosen because the name Lakeside was by now used for another town.

    On 12 August 1948, the WAGFS was taken over by the Lakewood Firewood Company Pty Ltd (LFC).  In early 1965, the LFC including the town of Lakewood was sold to Perth based scrap metal dealers, Midalia and Benn. Many of the houses in Lakewood were sold and moved to nearby Boulder and Kalgoorlie. Today only a few foundations and railway formations remain along with a the usual amount of rubbish.

This small monument shows the site at Lakeside. The plaque reads:
This plaque marks sites of townships of
LAKESIDE (Ngumballa)
and commemorates - later - nearby
both head of woodlines that supplied
firewood and mining timber to mines
of golden mile during first half of
this century
Unveiled by MRS D BARTLETT born Lakeside
5 - 10 - 69

Rail bridge just out of Lakewood on the line that ran to the WAGR yard at Kamballie. The company would deliver the firewood to Kamballie from where the WAGR would distribute it to the mines and power station . The WAGR would also collect any empty wagons and return them to Kamballie for the firewood company to pick up.

Machinery foundations in a sawmill at Lakewood. The firewood companies not only supplied firewood to mines and power stations around the Golden Mile, they also cut and milled saw logs for their own use and for resale to the mines as underground shoring.

Machinery foundations in a sawmill at Lakewood, Note the huge mullock heaps from the Kalgoorlie Superpit in the background.

A bridge over a dry creek joins up to a causeway over a dry lake where the LFC main line headed south towards the company's cutting areas up to 200 kilometres away.

Taken from the same position as the above pic but looking in the other direction towards Lakewood. From here the sawmills were to the left with the main rail yards and workshops to the right.

Horse feed or water troughs lie at Lakewood..

In-ground tank near locomotive workshops at Lakewood.

Engine service pit in locomotive workshop at Lakewood.

Another engine service pit.

Remains of blacksmiths shop next to locomotive workshops. Note the two forges.


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