At the 102 mile Main Camp on the Lakewood line, this tree was use as a stand to sharpen and test a cutters saws and axes.

A stand to hold a saw for sharpening and setting.

Another test stump in a camp.

At the 102 Mile Main Camp on the Lakewood line, this is the faint outline of the short spur line where the converted railway carriage used as a school was located. The posts to the right were the uprights for the bough shelter of the outdoor classroom.

102 mile Main Camp. A row a of abandoned dunnies behind where the workers dwellings were situated.

More dunnies.

A steel telephone pole still stands sentry at the 102 Mile Main Camp.

102 mile Main Camp. This is a wooden stand to hold 44 gallon drums of oil, probably for locomotives. This photo was taken in November 2007, on our next visit in March 2008, it was gone.

102 mile Main Camp. A fence around a vegetable garden I would think.

The site of the Battaglia family residence at the 102 Mile Main Camp.

102 mile Main Camp. A few hundred metres north of the Main Camp are the old horse yards. These are discarded leather harness parts. Horses were last used on the Lakewood woodlines in the early 1950s.

102 mile Main Camp. Also in the horse yards, this rough built cradle might have been used to carry feed.

96 mile Main Camp on the Lakewood line. Another camp, another rubbish collection, another Metters No 1 stove.

I never want to use an axe this much.


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